Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Starting out

Jim, Pat's step-dad, came by to visit not long ago. He looked around our house and said in his matter-of-fact way, "You guys like trees." I thought it sounded silly and said, "No...not really." But then I looked around our house. There are two very prominent photographs of trees hanging in our public spaces and leaf and branch motifs here and there. I was forced to recant. We do like trees. We don't mean to be hippies, but some of our happiest times have been under trees -- hiking, camping, swinging, staring up through branches.
We like things that grow. Right now, the window seat in our dining room is covered in little cups of dirt. Some of the cups have different-shaped leaves pushing their way toward the window. The seeds for our garden are growing.
We like things that grow. Our son is growing by leaps and bounds. We love watching him as he does. (And so do his grandparents...another reason for this blog.)
We like things that grow. This includes us, when we learn new things or start putting learned things into practice. We know better than to ask for hard times, but we secretly like when we feel ourselves growing because of them.
We hope our time "together" on this little blog will spur us all to growth. So, if you're going to be staring at the computer screen for a little while anyway, please join us and take time to consider the roots and branches in our life and yours.

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Praising Him! Paula said...

Hippies are ok lol! I look forward to watching you all grow too!!! Lovins