Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We debated taking Israel trick-or-treating, but decided in favor of it rather last-minute. Thanks to a very cute outfit a friend gave us from her trip to China, a cereal box, and a little creativity, we think we pulled it off fairly well. (...given that we started the whole process at half-hour before dinner...) We also had a little fun carving our pumpkins last night and thought we'd share the "fruits" of that labor with you as well. Enjoy!

Pat's is the symbol for Christ (left) and Lezlie's is a bird flying with a nest and egg in the background (right).

The only shot of Israel actually wearing the hat while putting on the finishing touches.

Trick-or-treating with mom

trick-or-treating with dad

Our blonde-haired, blue-eyed China doll.

Happy Halloween!

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