Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bobby and Daddy


At 14 months old, Israel is trying to say nearly everything. Here is a sampling of some of the words he says the most. ("Please," along with "more" and "eat" are currently signed and can get him many of the things he wants without the need for a tantrum, which is wonderful.) I've been upgraded from "Bubba" to "Bobby" in recent days, which is nice. Israel also understands all kinds of things and can do lots of the things you ask him to do. I'm amazed by this daily. I know this is about the age when nearly all kids seem to make some developmental leap, but it's still amazing when your own child starts communicating with you. (For a good, though redundant, book on the subject, check out Baby Signs by Acredolo and Goodwin. I just realized I sound like one the redundant lines from that book. )

Israel has also become quite the dancer, having learned a spin move to add to his bouncing, clapping, and head-banging. I have yet to be able to catch him in the act on video, though. Rest assured we'll share it with you as soon as I catch it.


Connie, the daisyhead said...

Too adorable! I could just see his thinking wheels spinning in his little head. It reminded me of my firstborn~ 14 or so years ago. Savor the moments, girl. This is the stuff joyful memories are made of...

Pat and Lezlie McCrory said...

Thanks. We try to. The moments go by SO FAST! I think I would lose track of them all if I didn't blog them. May the internet never crash.