Sunday, January 17, 2010

imprints in the snow

I love putting Eden in other people's clothes. Well, perhaps not just anyone's clothes, though I do really appreciate our hand-me-downs. I love seeing Eden in the little blue coat I wore when I was her age. I like to look at her and remember that I was that age and toddled around in that same coat. And I instantaneously speak to her in my mind: "Someday you'll be here, too." It's like we're walking through the snow and one person's foot peels out of a print just as the next person's slides in. For a moment, it is like time bends over on itself and we intersect each other in the same physical space. Maybe I make too much of it, but something about it feels almost spiritual even though the subject matter is as physical as it gets.

Eden is exactly 18 months younger than Israel. That combined with the fact that one is a boy and the other a girl means they should probably never wear the same clothes. However, if I haven't made the point already, Eden is tiny and Israel was tall, so it turns out there is the small space in winter when they both wear/wore size 3-6 months. Eden is on the leaving-that-size as Israel was on the just-getting-into-that-size, but I'm loving the brief overlap. We didn't find out Israel's gender while pregnant, which means we have several gender-neutral things I love reusing.

So it is that I thought I'd share with you one such shared moment in space: Israel and Eden's prints in the snow.

Left: Israel December 2007
age 3 months

Right: Eden January 2010
age 10 months


Issa Trophos said...

those are adorable kids! And the age/size difference in the same outfit makes me giggle :)

Maria Kristiansen said...

I love this! We have some sweaters that were Lars' as a baby and both boys have worn them. Its such a special thing. I have passed on our baby clothes to 2 of my good friends and it delights my heart to see their chubby little boys filling out my boys things so sweetly. (I do admit that I saved my absolute favorites for my grandbabies someday...a day very, very long from today!