Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Things said tonight at bedtime

We had said our good-nights to Eden. We had a sweet time with Israel telling us he loves us and us telling him that we love him. Pat had just given Israel his hug and kiss and walked out of the room. I gave my hug and kiss and then Israel said:
"Mommy, can you leave so I can cry?"
"Can you leave so I can cry?"
"You want to cry?"
"Because...I'm saaad."
"Why are you sad?"
"I'm sad because...I'm scared."
"Why are you scared?"
"Can Jesus help me?"
"Yes. Do you want me to pray for you?"
"Jesus just pray for me?"
"Jesus is always praying for us. Do you want me to pray for you?"
"Jesus just help me?"
"Yes, Jesus can help you."
"Jesus live in you?"
"Yes, Jesus lives in me."
"Jesus live in Eden?"
"Um...I don't know."
"Jesus live in Eden?"
"If Eden wants him to, then He does."
"Jesus live in me?"
"Do you want Jesus to live in you?"
"Well, we can ask Him..."
[interrupts] "Jesus live in Daddy?"
"Jesus just live in Eden and me and Mommy and Daddy and...a lot of people?"
"Yes, Jesus lives in a lot of people."
[without a pause] "We just swim in the boat at the playground?"

We've had a couple of these conversations within a week. Israel is really interested in cause and effect (because) and is curious about how the whole Jesus thing works. Specifically, he had been really concerned about, "Where Jesus?" and "Where Jesus live?" I didn't want to merely answer that Jesus lives in heaven; it makes him sound all far-off and floaty. So I said Jesus lives in a lot of places and He lives in me. I then said it was more correct to say that I live in Him, but Israel didn't latch onto that. So now he's very concerned about who all has Jesus living in them. It makes me curious how much he understands. I think we're getting into some pretty deep water when Israel just totally changes the subject without batting an eye. One minute, I'm digging deep into my theology/philosophy bag and the next, Israel says, "I'm just digging my butt."


apeacefulstill said...

thats cute and brilliant! makes me happy!

Christine said...

Love this story. Thanks for sharing. Kids say the most amazing things, don't ya think?