Thursday, September 30, 2010

doughnuts, giants, and wind: a 3 theology

Israel: "I just wanted Daddy to pray and tell Jesus that I said, 'Thank you for the doughnuts,' because Jesus is good. ...and when he's not good, then he might fight."
Me: "Jesus is always good."
Israel: "Well, when Jesus is not good, then he just might turn into a giant."
Me: "Jesus doesn't turn into a giant."
Israel: "Well, there are giants. And there are giants in the Bible. And once, Jesus was in the boat and there was a storm and it went...BOOM! And Jesus was asleep. And the guys went to Jesus and said, 'Wake up, Jesus! Tell the wind to stop!' And Jesus went and told the wind to stop and the wind stopped."

It's all in there somewhere.

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