Sunday, March 20, 2011

one of our kids

One of the kids in this picture has a tumor in her right leg.

You might not know which kid it is; the kid's parents don't know if the tumor is cancerous or not.
What the parents do know is that between this picture...

...and this one, the tumor became infected and grew 4 times its size. Overnight.
And it's causing her right leg to grow larger and longer than her left leg.

One of the kids in this picture is scheduled for an urgent surgery to remove a growing tumor in her leg.
The cost is over $22,000.

Insurance won't pay for it. Will you?

More information is on their blog and you can click here to donate online. They are dear friends of ours who trusted God to bring them a daughter against all kinds of odds. It was a beautiful day when God brought them Abigail. It has been a difficult road for them health-wise (which takes a toll in other ways) as Abigail has been diagnosed with asthma, neurofibromitosis (which causes the growth of tumors all over the body, as well as other things), a super-annoying nut allergy, and other things that just make life more difficult and mean lots of drives to doctor's appointments that are rough on a car-sick little girl.

She is a ton of fun, though, and more of a trooper than I would EVER be! She's between my kids' ages and is a great friend to them. She and Eden (whom she calls "Eednie") share lots of hugs and Abigail is always gracious when my kids try to "share" (which often means taking a toy away and saying, "You have to share!"). She loves to dance. She's smart as a whip, and I think she knows it! She has such a sweet, spunky spirit and a great laugh.

So it saddens us as they now deal with this tumor and a cost of surgery that keeps going up. We had planned to do fund-raisers together this month, but when the tumor suddenly grew -- a LOT -- the surgery was moved up and there is now very little time to raise the needed funds. So instead of planning a dance party, I'm just going to write this blog entry. It's not quite as fun, but hopefully it can reach even more people. Please donate if you can.

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