Saturday, July 16, 2011

two lines of reasoning

Me: "If we're lucky, we'll leave and go to camp tomorrow."
Israel: "I'm not lucky."
Me: "You're not?"
Israel: "No. Are you lucky?"
Me: "I don't know."
Israel: "Dad's not lucky. Eden's not lucky. I'm not lucky. You're not lucky."
Me: "Wow."
Israel: "So does that mean we're going to camp right now?"


Me: "Eden, you're a pretty cool kid."
Eden: "No."
Me. "Yes you are! You're a cool kid and I like you!"
Eden: "No. You do not like me at all because...that's my purple."

Yes, she knows what color purple is. No, we had not been talking about anything purple and there was nothing purple in the room. But here is a picture of my silly little girl and some of "her purple."

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