Monday, August 22, 2011

sustainable faith

Last week was the last week of our summer break. Most of summer did not feel like a break, as we invented volunteer opportunities that took a lot of time. We considered a field and bought it, bringing another 10 years of work to our own personal property. We worked on finishing the upstairs. (Still not finished, but much closer....) We enjoyed visits with old friends.

At the beginning of the summer, we had a business meeting where we set goals in the areas of "fun," "work," and "church." Many things on that list remained undone as our last free week approached. We debated on what to choose. We chose "weekend retreat for two." We allowed it to be a week-day retreat, because, well, we could. We are so glad we did.

view from our window
This was a great place to swing.

We spent our time in Cincinnati in a space designed for personal retreat: an old convent building now run by Dave and Jody Nixon. I was first introduced to the place about 10 years ago and have visited it 3 times by chance, it seemed...until now. The space is so...


It is free of everything. Free of clutter. Free of noise. Free of agenda. And it is full of everything. Full of (quiet) music. Full of time. Full of rest. Full of good company if you want it and solitude if you don't. Meals are taken care of. Dishes are taken care of. Good books are provided. A dish of chocolate sits on the table. Dave happily prepares coffee for you -- by the cup -- if you want it.

This very affordable haven is called Sustainable Faith. And that's exactly what we were looking to have. And it is what I hope I have brought back with me. We're simplifying. I'm simplifying. And planning on a life with less stress and more beauty. (Did I mention the Cincinnati Art Museum is free and about 5 minutes away?) Here's to Sustainable Faith!

~a bit blurry in the art museum~

~a small part of their garden~

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