Monday, March 19, 2012

learning about the back door

My son.

I was working the chili cook-off when he came up to me to ask to buy something from the adjacent bake sale. He poked at me and said:
"Mom? I was wondering it I could have...could I" He stopped to collect his thoughts. Then he began, "Hey, Mom? Fifty isn't very much money."

Upon finishing lunch today, he said, "Mom, I'm still hungry. Could I have something else?"
"Yes. Would you like some pineapple?"
"No, but that cake looks really good."
It took me a second to keep from laughing at the casual way he tried to just throw that in there. "We're not going to have cake right now," I said.
"If I don't want pineapple, what else can I have? What else can I have if I don't want pineapple? Do you hear me? What else can I have?"
"I'm not talking about it right now."
"Oh." I got about 5-10 seconds of reprieve from the boy asking about more food. Then he put on a big smile and piped up: "Mom, I love you," and kissed me on the cheek.

This is a boy who knows how to get what he wants. I don't ALWAYS give it to him...but sometimes I do.

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