Friday, April 25, 2008

Israel is...still growing! For some unknown reason, I am unable to post videos of his progress, but I thought I'd post a picture to tide the grandparents over. I type this...the video FINALLY worked! Here you go!

Israel now babbles nearly constantly while awake. He likes the explosive consonants: Da, da! and Ba, ba! He also makes a long, gurggling, Aaaaaaa... sound. We have no idea what that means.

He can sit up on his own quite well now. (He sits in a shopping cart like a big boy.) He can stand up and hold onto furniture and is starting to shimmy from side to side and move around while standing. He is quite mobile on his belly and can pivot around and scoot through the house backwards wherever he wants (or doesn't want) to go.

He has added avocado and green beans and yogurt and tofu to his diet. He can chew up pieces of squishy food and just last night, he ate a whole banana with Pat just holding it up to his mouth and him nibbling on it!

With each little advancement like this, he is becoming less an infant and more a toddler before our eyes! His personality is developing, too. He never leaves any doubt how he feels about anything. He loves to be around people and loves the outdoors. He laughs hard, cries hard, thinks hard (you can see it on his face), is fully awake when he's awake and fully over-it when he's tired. He has softened a bit recently, though, in that he now wants snuggle time now and then, which is new and wonderful. These days, he comes inside in the evenings (after watching his dad play basketball with whoever happens to be out) covered in dirt with sticky hair and stinky (McCrory) feet. He lives fully, our little one.

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branman255 said...

This is a beautiful thing. I greatly look forward to more videos and pictures or (even better!) actually seeing you all again! I hope he doesn't grow too much more before we get to see him again. I love you three (and of course my second-favorite cat and dog.) Peace on your household.