Friday, May 2, 2008

Hi, there! It's Israel. I thought I'd show you (with my mommy's help, of course...) some of the things I've been doing lately!

I have really been enjoying seeing all my older friends come around the house. I love watching them play basketball outside. They are loud and funny and like to make me laugh. This is (from left to right) Elijah, my mom, me, Syloer, and Schaivon just hangin' out, having quesedillas for a snack. (Don't worry. I didn't eat one.)

This is me in the bathtub. I love playing in the water so much my mom lets me do it every morning. I like to chew on the rubber ducks and suck on a wet washcloth. I think the drain is really cool and I also like to lay on my belly and splash around. (Mom gets really vigilant when I do that, though, and I don't know why.) You can see more about my bathtime in this video. I'll tell you all about it.

In this next video, you'll get to hear the new song I'm coming up with. I think I'll call it, "Boom, Boom, Chink, Chink." I took a long time this morning coming up with it; I'd bet I tinkered around on it for at least 15 minutes!

And, in this final video, you'll get to watch just how well I chew food up now. This was the first time my mom finally realized I could chew. (Did she tell you I'm getting in two more top teeth? That'll make six teeth total. I'm very good at addition.) I had to be very obvious about my chewing ability at first, but now that my mom gets it, I can mellow out. She thought this first time was pretty funny, though, so we agreed to put it on here for you.

By the way, I now think that tofu is my favorite food.

Well, I guess that's it for now. It was good to be able to catch up for a little bit. I hope you enjoyed our time together! Bye-bye!

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lizzie k said...

hello israel,
you sure are getting big and wise. thanks for sharing your life with me. way to go on the counting and teething and amazing piano playing!
give your mom love from me!