Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mama Mia!

After dating Lezlie for a month or so I realized that I couldn't continue to date her anymore. After getting to know her for a couple of months I told her I didn't feel like she could represent me to the world -- her values and mine weren't compatible. I thought (and still do) that your spouse is someone that the world identifies with you and the things that you are about. So we broke up and there was a year or so when we weren't together. Then there came that crummy day when one of my dear friends died, and I asked Lezlie to take an important phone call for me. She knew (although I hadn't yet realized it yet) that my asking her to do that meant that I thought she could now represent me. The longer I get to know my wife and the more that we grow together, the more I come to see that not only does she represent me well but she represents my intentions and hopes better than my actions themselves do. This blog, the way I see her raise Israel, and stay in touch with you folks inspires me to live more like her, and reminds me of the person who I want to be. So while I have a few moments this Mother's Day I wanted to tell all of you how great my wife and this first year mother really is. Thank God for my wonderful Lezlie Jo!


Gman and Julz said...

p! this is nice, man... i really dig it. you're an encouragement!

Praising Him! Paula said...

Wow - that is just what I pray for my girls!!! You do have a beautiful most precious wife and she has an awesome man! I love you guys!!!