Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Eden update

We had a visit with our midwife yesterday. She said she's been pouring over the graphs and stats and all and consulting with doctors and others and no one feels overly concerned about Eden having intrauterine growth restriction. Her abdomen was a little more proportional this last ultrasound, falling JUST inside the "normal" range. She gave us the option of coming in for non-stress tests twice a week, just to be sure, and in case it would help alleviate stress about it. Perhaps it's ridiculous reasoning, but I would be much more stressed about finding child care for Israel twice a week during office hours than I think it would be worth, so we'll avoid the stress of the non-stress tests. Mabrey (the midwife) said that the worst case scenario, plan-wise, with intrauterine growth restriction is close monitoring and potentially having to get the baby out if it seems better for her to be out than in, but then added again that she is not really concerned, so we'll proceed as though everything is normal. She added (very kindly) that it just seems genetic to her, since Israel has no fat on him and...I "don't have an ounce of fat" on me, either. (This, though I've gained a significant amount of weight not accounted for by just baby-growing stuffs. She's way too kind.)

My "belly" measured exactly on-target for the first time this pregnancy yesterday, and I have gained three pounds since my last visit two weeks ago. (Yikes!) We have one more two-week visit and then it'll be a visit to the midwife every week until Eden is born! And things just keep getting more fun....


Chris Batz said...

Hey guys!!!
How fun we are pregnant together!

Cristina is due April 10th...

Bless you and love you guys much!

-Chris & Cristina

Maria Kristiansen said...

Why don't you just take Israel with you twice a week for the non-stress tests? HAHA!!! I am sure it would read accurately then! When I was pregnant with Silas I would see moms come in with several kids for the non stress monitoring and thought that sure seemed stressful!
Good news about the weight gain and measuring.
Bless you guys, Maria