Saturday, January 24, 2009

Little Eden

We just returned from our latest ultrasound. I feel more and more relieved with each one and the tech talks more and more about the measurements each time. I read the screen as she took measurements this time and Eden is still measuring 2-3 weeks small around her abdomen, but her head size is right on track and her femur still measures long. We saw the same things as usual: the heart beating, the organs in their places, and the blurry, alien-looking eyes seeming to look back at us. I don't get tired of seeing these things. We also saw hair -- plenty of it -- and tried for a good picture of her, with little success. She is snuggling up in there and buried her face in the placenta when we were looking to take pictures. (Sorry if that was too much information. We just thought it was funny that she snuggled up with the closest thing to a pillow available to her.) Here is the picture of our bashful little girl. This is (kind of) her profile. She's looking down and to the left.

The tech said she is head down in there, which is the same as last time. Usually this means they have found their way and will stay that way, she said. (Sweet!) Eden does a WHOLE lot of shifting around in there, though. The tech confirmed that her feet are exactly where I thought they were all night last night: under the left edge of my ribcage, where she scoots them back and forth for hours while I lie awake. (Blast your foot-flipping ways, you McCrorys! She shares this trait with her dad, her aunt, and her grandpa, at least....) And the thump, THUMP! that moves my whole stomach first right and then immediately left is most likely an elbows-then-feet jerk. While often uncomfortable, it's pretty cool to be able to know what body part I'm feeling from in there. We'll probably have another ultrasound before she is born, the tech said, so we'll try for a better picture then. It's so cool to be able to peek in on her from time to time.

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