Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Great news!

This morning, the three of us went to visit Mabrey, our midwife. I knew it was going to be a good visit when I stepped on the scale and had LOST a pound. The visit got even better when we were told that Eden's abdomen is right in line with her other measurements at this point and Mabrey said, "All that worry for nothing!" I already gave the statistics from the ultrasound earlier this week, but to see Mabrey nothing but light-hearted during our visit as a result was great. If you do not want the intimate details of what's going on in my "belly," by all means, stop reading after this paragraph and know that a presumably healthy Eden will be on her way within the next few weeks and I'm apparently gearing up for it. If you like hearing measurements and all that, keep reading.

More good news is that I have tested beta-strep negative. This is good. Very good. My friend's baby was positive for this and it was a difficult beginning for a very sick baby. Mabrey tested me early last week, I think, just in case I would have to be induced early if Eden were not to be growing in there. One less thing to worry about.

Mabrey also asked if I would like to be examined to see how things are going in there. I'm pretty curious, so we went ahead and did it, even though she said it was not necessary at this point. (It was nice that she really didn't seem to think it was important to do at all.) The findings: I am already almost 2 cm. dilated and about 40% effaced. Eden is at a -2 position out of a +4. (Babies start out at -4. At +4, people start saying, "Look! I can see the baby!") These things are not indicators of how quickly I will go into labor -- I was at 2 cm. with Israel for weeks -- but it's good to know that things are lining up in there and are ready to go when it's time. Mabrey also said I seemed to have a Braxton-Hicks contraction while she was measuring my belly. I didn't even notice. I must shrug all of them off as Eden getting into a strange postion. That's pretty cool.

While we've been working under the assumption that everything was indeed fine with Eden, even though she measured small, I feel like a weight has been lifted today. I've been riding high from this appointment all afternoon. It's quite a relief to me that Mabrey is no longer tempering her statements about how she's sure everything is fine with promises to follow up, "just to be sure." I guess I had been letting her do my worrying for me and am glad that no one feels a need to worry for me now (that I know of). I don't have to talk about how "...there's this one issue, but we're pretty sure everything's fine." Now, I can just say everything looks good -- great, in fact! Thank you, God!

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