Saturday, February 14, 2009

Last ultrasound

We have returned from what will likely be our last ultrasound of Eden. She was in perfect picture-taking position while the tech did all the measurements. The tech said everything was measuring at just about 35 weeks, which is great, since I am 36 weeks along today. One week small is no big deal. I measured 3 weeks small in our appointment with Mabrey on Tuesday, which is border-line, but the tech said today that the fluid and placenta look good. Eden weighs about 5 lbs. 11 oz right now. Her brother was only 6lbs. 3oz. so it sounds right to me that she's just about done in there.

When the tech switched to the 4-D imaging wand, Eden did an about-face and was no longer in any sort of position to have a very good picture taken. She had smooshed her face against my belly, making her nose look like a big hole in the middle of her face. We were able to get a little profile shot and a picture of a fist and a foot...all of which are down by her face. It was pretty cool to sit and talk with the tech about where everything is again. She is in a kind of pike-positioned splits in there: head down, butt up, one leg sticking straight down by her face, and the other leg sticking straight out up by my ribcage on the right. This explains the crazy sideways expansion that happens from time to time when she really kicks her leg out: sharp buldge on the right, BIG bulge on the left from the foot and butt, respectively. I first felt Eden move at 14 weeks and am starting to feel as if I've known her a very long time at this point. Except for when it's time for pictures, she makes herself well-known in there.

In just a few short weeks (about 4...) we'll get to have all kinds of exciting pictures of this new little face in the world! We still can't believe it, but there she is and here she comes!

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