Friday, March 13, 2009

Welcome, Eden!

If you know us well enough to check our blog, chances are you know that we are now the proud parents of two great kids! Eden Elizabeth was born on what felt like Tuesday night, but was actually about 1:30 Wednesday morning. She is a tiny little thing -- 6 lbs. 4 oz. and just 19 inches long.

In my last post, I talked about how I was hesitant to hope for a "wonderful" delivery. But I got just that. By the time I decided I might actually be in for the real thing and Granna and Papaw made a quick four-hour drive from Kentucky to stay with Israel for the night, we just barely made it to the hospital in time. The labor was much easier than Israel's and when we arrived at the hospital sometime after midnight, she and I were completely prepared for her to come out right then! I would not mind at all telling you about the experience, but for public display, I'll just say the nurse attending said I held the record for fastest delivery that day.

...Which normally wouldn't be much of a comment on the speed of a birth, except that half of Muncie decided to give birth that day, too. (I will never think that full moons inducing labor is merely an old wives' tale.) We were placed in the LAST bed available in the mother/baby unit, which was a bed a few feet from someone else's bed. It was cramped quarters, to say the least, as a line of beds spanned the room: Pat's, mine, Eden's, curtain; curtain, baby boy's bed, mom's bed, dad's bed. Four adults and two newborns in one hospital room. (And their extended families most of the next day.... Argh.) It was a frustrating situation, leading me to fight hard to get outta there early, which we did. I know that is a tremendous blessing to be able to do. We were only in the hospital for 37 hours. Total. Including delivery.

And now we're home. Israel is loving his little sister so far, which has brought us to tears a couple of times. He loves to kiss her and "hug" her, and asks to hold her. When she cries, he immediately goes to help her and offers a "cry" of his own for her. It's more than I could expect from him. It may be a little early to tell, but if the last two days have been any sort of indicator, he will be a great big brother.

Thus far, the transition is going well. Israel was well cared-for by Granna and Papaw in our absence, making the whole thing feel pretty...normal. Eden is a good baby thus far and is eating and sleeping well. She has a very soft cry, even when at her angriest, earning her the nickname "Squeaker" from me. She seems pretty easy-going and peaceful and even sleeps in longer stretches at night! (Sticking to the pattern and keeping my fingers crossed.)

Here are a few more pictures and many more are to come, I'm sure. More pictures are available for viewing on our facebook account, here. Check back!

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Mom said...

Welcome, Eden! Absolutely. Wish I could be there to hold and give you lots of Grandma Kisses! God bless you, your Mama, Daddy and brother Israel. I love you.
We love you,
Grandma Terri and Grandpa Jim