Friday, March 27, 2009

taking a look

Eden is now over two weeks old and we've finished our first "normal" week together. The only thing to add now is making our own meals, thanks to the people from our church! We have been blessed to receive dinner delivered to our door most every night, which means I've had time to take the kids out in the afternoons instead of staring blankly into my refrigerator wondering what to make. It also has saved us a good deal of grocery money, which is helpful as Pat took time off work to be home with us in the beginning. If you're reading this and helped out, THANKS!

I've been surprised by how normal life feels already. I remember experiencing a similar time with Israel -- the time when he would sleep or not sleep anywhere and everywhere and life could go on pretty much as it had been, adding in pauses for feedings and diaper changes. (Oh, and laundry...oh...laundry.) God knew what He was doing in making newborns sleep so much; it gives you time to get used to the idea of having them around. At any rate, during this same time of Israel's life, I remember going out and visiting people and feeling like I could just strap on my kid and go. I had a resolve about me to continue my adult life and to be a good "housewife," complete with clean house and dinner on the stove by 5:00. I'm in that phase now with Eden. But this time I know it is a phase that will end as soon as I fully realize I'm tired. I am not as good at doing everything as I have been this week, and I'm sure this sort of extra-good behaviour of mine is accounted for in the medical/psychological fields somewhere. I'll bask in it while I'm in it and enjoy the stacks of neatly folded laundry while they exist.

This last week has held more than its share of deja vu as I wonder often, "What did I do when Israel was this age?" and find myself doing some thing or other and realize, "Yeah, this feels familiar." Her tininess is familiar. Her eating habits are familiar. Moving the bouncy seat around the house as I work during the day is familiar. Wrapping her in a blanket is familiar, as is holding a bink in her mouth when she's overtired and trying to sleep. People have asked if I can tell anything about her personality yet, and I'm sure that I can. While much is the same, I can tell you she is different in temperament than Israel. I can't yet put words to how. I know I'll recognize the right word when I run across it, though, and then I'll share it with you. I'll think, "Yes! That's exactly the right description of her specifically!" and then I'll wait to see if God agrees with me when He gives her that white stone with her specific name on it.

She does like to keep herself busy during her waking hours, that's for sure. She grunts as if making great efforts (to do...what?) while sitting in her bouncy seat. Her vocalization has earned her the nickname "Squeaker" from me, as she will squeak and grunt for hours on end (this morning from 6:30 am to 8:00 am...) about nothing at all. She stares wide-eyed at the rings dangling in front of her. She screams for her bink so she can have an object within her control after she's been up for 15-20 minutes. She never screams for long periods of time, and that is different from her brother (thankfully!). She will let out a few squawks here and there and then sit and grunt, as if trying to take care of it herself while she waits for me to fix the situation. Her gaze is pretty intense, which is like her brother's was at this age. I don't know if that's common to all newborns or mine in particular, but I have a hard time believing any child of mine could miss inheriting some amount of intensity. Here. You can see for yourself.

(This may be a pretty accurate depiction of how she feels about bath time.
"I'm afraid to really like this....")

Now that we have solved some of our computer problems, I should be able to download pictures a bit more often, though I won't promise I'll be able to post more often from here on out!

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