Tuesday, May 19, 2009

in gratitude for my job

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I vaguely remember in college my professors appreciating my ability to be succinct in my writing. While I'm sure those of you who follow along read that as its own punch line, I thought, in an effort to return to my roots, this post would be a list.

I just finished a book a friend asked me to read by Dr. Laura called, "In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms." Reading it made me more aware of why I wouldn't do anything else with my life right now, even on the days I spend mostly cleaning spit-up or poop or food off of things and people.

10 reasons why I wouldn't do anything else with my life:

1. I used to really want a job that would change people's lives; now I have one.
2. I have learned that it also makes adults feel better when a child kisses their boo-boos.
3. I am more keenly aware of how much bad there is in the world; conversely, my kids make me aware of how many little treasures there are hidden along the way.
4. I can be more understanding, realizing that most all people have been shaped by what they learned from their parents.
5. I get to learn how to be very happy over things like a bird or a train or poop in the potty.
6. My one year old's mimicking lets me know exactly how I sound to someone else. Talk about an incentive for personal growth!
7. I get paid in laughs and smiles and bouquets of stems and sticks.
8. Small gestures like putting a dish away can mean the world to me.
9. When someone compliments my child on a skill or virtue, I also get to receive the compliment. (The same is true of vices, I suppose, but people don't talk to you about those in grocery store lines!)
10. Being really good at my job means working to see the world through the eyes of my children. (I expect this to have great spiritual ramifications as well as the obvious benefits.)

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