Friday, May 22, 2009

small joys

In keeping with my last post, here are a couple of the small joys I've recently experienced looking at the world with my kids.

On Wednesday, I took Israel on a Mommy-Son (and sleeping sister) date to the park to feed the (very not hungry) ducks. I remember always going to a little pond with my Nana as a kid and thinking it was the greatest thing. I'm sure Israel has similar feelings about the river and the ducks and tossing sticks in to watch them float downstream. They just never get old to him.

We saw "baby" ducks that Israel is still talking about.

If throwing small sticks in the water is fun...

While Israel takes his afternoon nap, Eden and I get to hang out -- just the girls. She loves the play mat we used with Israel. She smiles up at the patterns on the rods and likes to play with the rings we dangle down for her. She also doesn't mind practicing using her muscles to hold her head up and is getting pretty good at it. (If I'm able to get a not-very-blurry picture indoors with this camera, you know she's holding pretty still.)

It's just that sometimes being stuck on your belly gets old.

That's right. Our little 10-week-old girl can roll over. Insane. I was definitely not ready for that. I have her do it alot, since I still can't quite believe my eyes when it happens.

It's good to remember these job perks on a day like today, when I've had more than my share of messes to clean up (I've given five baths today, including the dog.) Still, it's totally worth it.

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