Thursday, April 8, 2010

Days gone by....

As all parents will tell you, these days go by quickly in many ways. The kids change quickly. Here is another attempt to capture my little bugs in a jar and showcase them for you.

I thought it had been awhile since I downloaded any videos of the kids. And it has. I was recently relieved to discover that I DO have videos of some of the really cute things my kids have done recently...but don't really do anymore! These videos were taken a month ago. This is how Eden USED to play peek-a-boo. "BEE!" She'd say. Now it's much more of a "Boo!" and she typically hides behind something before saying it instead of putting her hand up to the side of her head.

When Eden was first born, I called her Squeaker. That nickname still has a rightful place as she often lets out tiny, high-pitched squeaks to let you know she's fully happy. She still does this sort of dancing, and I'll have to try again to show you Israel's moves, since he became shy upon sighting the camera. Eden shows off what has become her favorite dance move, the Spin.

Eden is beginning to assert herself, which is fun all on its own. These are the days of repeated, "Use your words...!" However, as I write, she just walked up to me while I gave Israel a cracker and said, pretty clearly, "Moah! Pease!" Maybe it's beginning to pay off. She does not yet use words to keep Israel out of her personal space and seems to resent his hugs and love pats for now. She's just fine all on her own, thanks. She climbs up things (read: stairs, low furniture, backyard swings...), but can't figure out how to get down. She gets mad about being stuck and gets mad when you have to help her crying little self out of the predicament. But I'm afraid of her pride coming before a fall, so I take her against her will. She is full to the brim of personality and loves to cock her head sideways to get you to smile. If she knows she has everyone's attention, she fluffs her clothes and struts around just to show off. If she's being particularly flirty, she may even blow you a kiss!

As you may have seen in the first video, Israel is ever the teacher (and parent, if I'd let him be). Unless you're trying to engage him, he is quite the talker and rambles on and on about recent (and not-so-recent) activities. He asks all kinds of questions. These days, he is very curious about babies in and out of bellies, since our friend and babysitter just had her baby. (If her asks you whether you have a baby in your belly, know he also insists that there is one in his.) He is still tender and nurturing and when Eden shuns his 2-year-old version of gentle love, he goes for one of his stuffed animal "babies." Today, he has carried his Cookie Monster doll everywhere, calling it his baby Ellie (the name of our friend's 2-week-old). He makes sure it's always wrapped in his favorite blanket and that it has its proper seat at all meals. He is becoming a parent to the neighborhood kids who play ball in the street outside our window. "Be careful out there!" he says.

They are both developing in their spirituality, too. Honestly, in ways that surprise me. Israel is so perceptive. Last night before bed, he spontaneously prayed for a girl who is struggling in her school work. I have never talked with him about it, but he obviously has picked up my concern for her. Today at lunch, about halfway through, Israel started thanking Jesus for the food (which we don't do EVERY meal...). Eden said, "A-MEN!"

Amen to that.

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