Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An evening at Kohl's

I have come to admit that I must have actually, accidentally donated all our spring clothes this winter. Just as I had started building up a wardrobe post-children, too! I find myself with 0 pairs of shorts as the weather gets warm. Pat's not much better off.

So this evening it was off to Kohl's to begin again. I can't say I'm excited by an excuse to get all new clothes. I'm mourning the loss of the shorts that fit right and the white skirt that made me feel downright pretty. I tend to cherish those few and far-betweens I've picked up here and there that actually fit well. The fact that they are few and far-between means finding enough of them all in one season is...well...I'm trying to remain optimistic. So begins this year's summer shopping and all women agree, it is an eye-opening experience. Here's the good, the bad, and...well, the ugly doesn't even make it out of the dressing room.

- I narrowed down the pile of 25 or more shorts in 6 different sizes down to two pairs in two different sizes. I put the first one on for Pat. "You look like your mom," he said. (No offense, Mom, it's just that....)

- There seems to be a conspiracy to fit all females into the under-13 or over-45(ish? I may need to re-think that number later in life...) categories. I look ridiculous in one and...not wise enough for the other. :)

- Israel is a great helper and could run things between me and Pat when I was in the dressing room and Pat was outside finding things that he thought would look better than what I had picked out.

- Israel said of one of the two pairs, "I can wear those when I get older?"

- I bought that pair of shorts.

- Pat offered up that maybe we should also buy some chocolate. I told him that's not the sort of thing you do the day you get your first pair of shorts for the summer.

- On the way home, a policeman zoomed closely around a car to pass him coming toward me, riding the yellow line. He wasn't going to hit me, probably, but he was being a jerk. I honked my horn at him. Then I said I couldn't believe I had done it. Pat said, "I dare him to come try to mess with my wife."

- I'm not sure if Pat said it because he would give it to the guy or because he thought I would, but I was glad.

- I may be too old for most juniors-sized styles, but I enjoy the benefits of being able to hang with the big girls.

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