Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm a pepper, he's a pepper

It's been a little while since I've given an Israel update. He is doing well and changing daily. His vocabulary has expanded to include the last word of just about all my sentences throughout the day. (Fun, fun.) Judging from the drool and the strange sleeping patterns of late, I would also say he's working on some molars. He still loves his new little sister and is starting to say her name, rather than just "baby." He gives her a kiss before her naps all day and has taken to helping burp her. He even tried to put her bink in her mouth yesterday when she was crying. (If he does that, it will save me all KINDS of pauses throughout my day.)

Israel has become a Sesame Street officianato. His favorite characters seem to be Grover (also of "The Monster at the End of This Book" fame), Cookie Monster, and the Count. I will have to try to catch him on video doing his impersonations. The Count is great and Israel should be able to count to 3 any day now as a result of his Granna working with him on that impression. Ah, ah, ah...! His dance skills are improving, as he now mimicks snaps and taps and is getting his shoulders in the action. But THIS is the new thing that had both Pat and I throwing our heads back, laughing.

We were sitting at dinner last night, eating our fajitas, and Israel kept pointing to the jalepeno peppers, saying, "Please...." Pat was hesitant, but I can only take Israel repeating himself so many times before doing SOMETHING about it, so I said, "Sure, you can have one," figuring he would stick it on his tongue and either cry or make some sort of face. This is what happened:

He continued to ask for jalepenos the remainder of the meal. Out of consideration for his stomach, we only gave him three and he said, "Mmmm!" every time. Is he our son, or what?

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