Saturday, April 25, 2009

spring breaking out

(Cut us some slack as we learn how to take family pictures. It just keeps getting harder....)

As the weather has become warmer, we've been venturing outdoors more often. Israel is learning to explore a bit on his own. He is still a cautious little boy in general, which his mom appreciates as he tends not to put himself in situations he perceives to be dangerous. We recently went on a playdate to Westside Park, where Israel tried out big slides for the first time. (They weren't very slippery at first.)

...And of course he had to enjoy the river and the geese ("cack, cack!"). They provide hours of entertainment and days' worth of conversation. This is him with Judah...and the geese.

We have discovered the fun of going on picnics as a family. Israel still needs to learn to eat outside, but he certainly didn't seem any worse for wear after a fun evening out. We have discovered Tuhey Park -- a small circle space perfect for a little boy to run around in. This was our first picnic last Friday. We took my parents there the following day because we enjoyed it so much! Eden had a little to say about the experience.

Pat had demonstrated his gymnastic prowess for Israel on our first Tuhey picnic, but we decided that Israel should learn some mad gymnastic skills of his own. Turns out that Israel is a natural (he did not get that from his mother...) and learned the flip-flop in just one brief lesson! And now: The McCrory Men in an amazing athletic display!

Right by Tuhey is the river walk, which I appreciate because it's walled in from traffic and Israel can walk at his own pace. The river recently overtook the trains as Israel's favorite thing about Muncie. This was one of the sites along the way. (You never know how many sites there really are in a place until you go there with a toddler!) Can you find the goose enjoying the evening from her nest?

Last, but certainly not least, you know spring is dealing winter its final blow in Muncie when you can take your first trip to Sally's! You can't quite make the 4-block walk without a couple kids from the neighborhood. Lunaijah and Schaivon came with us for this year's momentous occasion. We tried several times to take a picture of all of us before Pat realized the camera was set to video. (Ha, ha!)

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